Man people are so funny….I find myself laughing more and more on just the things people do!!!! I met a homeless man on the light rail the other day. He said he found $80. He pulled off his shoe “my lord” lmao!!!! He had $40 left. He tried to buy me for $20. Now mind you I’m broke hungry and some more…….. I thought about robbing his ass!!!! Lmao  then I said he been drinking all night he don’t eat well so I know his strength can’t be more then me……I weigh in at a whopping 137lbs. Lmao . I can GET THAT $40 EASY!!!! THEN I HAD TO STOP AND THINK! this man is homeless in ARIZONA!  IT’S 111DEGREES AT NIGHT! that’s enough to make a person KILL YOU! HE NEVER GOES IN A HOUSE TO COOL OFF EAT AND RELAX!!!! I COULD SEE MY DUMB ASS ON WORLD STUPIDEST CRIMINALS OVER THAT SHOE FROM A BUM $40!!!!!!! THAT MAN WOULD’VE BEAT MY ASS SOMETHING TERRIBLE! !!!!!!!! HE GOT 50 YEARS OF “WISH A MUTHAFUCKA WOULD IN HIM!!!!! all to be caught on camera!!!!! My little dumb ass 137lbs of stupid would’ve been on the 5 o’clock news getting the shit beat out of me for $40 I would’ve probably took to the dope man cause my pain doctor don’t trust me with perc!!!!!!!!! Let’s just say “can I borrow $40 someone I’m doing bad!!!!! Lmao

life is funny….look and laugh!