So I’m taking a nap……yes I nap. My granny bless her sole lived to be 98 years of age. She was a very hard working woman. She trimmed her own trees well in her 80’s. Yes she proved “black don’t crack!” (Giggle) I remember asking her before she died. “How do you stay so young?” She told me ” I take naps baby!” Something you young folks will never know!!!! Shit what she don’t know every since then I give my naps ……..a nap!!!!!!! Hahaha! !!!! So I’m laying here and I dose off…the nightmare began!!!!! Lmao  I’m in my dream I dream very vivid. This one was in color and I was in it, something like a movie!!!! Well I’m looking good I had my make up done, it was gorgeous smoky eyes cherry jubilee lipstick!!! I had on these peach pants. ( I ate a peach before my nap, that made me wanna slap yo momma! !!!) Yea! It was that good yo momma crazy as she is!!!! (Giggle) I’m walking to meet the man of my dreams!!!!!! the sun was just right not to hot but enough to make me look like the peach!!!!! He slapped his momma!!!! (It was a dream people yea this peach gets the glory) As I’m walking towards him my weave fell off!!!!! That damn $9.99 drawstring as Southside ponytail fell off!!!!!! Lmao  it was because “Wendy Williams “, ” how you doing!” Ass was playing on my t.v.! She is Jake from state farm!!!!! She is hidious! !!!!!!!! She messed up a wet dream!!!!!!! Lmao  ok carry on people!!!!


life is funny….look and laugh!