I never watch to much t.v. because I’d rather read my stories. Today I caught the show “THE REAL!!!!!” they had a lady who gave her pension to feed the homeless. Her children came on to give her an award on being an awsome mom!!! It was awsome!!!! Tamara one of the twins Tia and Tamara.  She thanked her mom for moving to California from Texas so she could be an actress! !!! Well my mom died when I was 11. She didn’t spend much time with me due to life issues.  On this show “THE REAL!” Made me reflect on what my mom did teach me. She taught me to never let anyone bother me! As a child I didn’t understand it. I remember she would do things that would make people laugh and talk about us. For example. ……she made us pick up cans for money!  I don’t think we needed to but it taught me to be myself.  She would drive us to the neighborhood where my grandmother raised me and my siblings. It was an upscale neighborhood for blacks in the late 80’s. I was teased at school for being a “little rich kids!” Little did they know we struggled. My people made poverty look good! It’s not about what you wear it’s how you wear it! We struggled just like everyone else did we just, DIDN’T LET IT BOTHER US!!!!!!


life is funny….look and laugh!