Watching the ICE T AND COCO SHOW!!!!! I adore this couple!!!!! The topic came up about coco being a “sex symbol! !!!! Her husband is totally cool with her being sexxy!!!! She is a swim suit model. They seem as if they have a really good vibe!

I think it’s great!!!!!! If I had a mate it would have to be like that!!!!! I want my husband to trust me to the point where I could show my boobs to America and he laughs at how many guys want me!!!! Not to say that this is what I want to to cause I think is very sexy for him to want me to be in the house! Only for his eyes to see! I love that too! I guess what I’m saying is I want us to be ok with “who we are as a couple!” MUAH. ……….


life is funny….look and laugh!