In Phoenix, Arizona we (I say we because I was born there) have a lake that runs thru downtown Tempe, Arizona. Now Phoenix and Tempe are connected cities,only divided by a street. Well years back the city put in a man made lake! Yes it can be a great thing being that it gets HOT here. It’s a way to enjoy the outdoors in the city around a busy life. I’m sure tourist love it! Here’s my thought of it all. Lakes are here before man was here (theory not fact). So I kinda get sick to my stomach to think about this lake. It reminds me of a waste pool. Like a lake all the waste has certain fish,greens,and other natural nature that cleans it. Well if some takes a shit in the lake it’s just floating around in there waiting on something or someone to get it out!!!!!! YUCK!!!! well it doesn’t mean that mentally I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lake. But I never see many people utilizing this lake either! !!!!!!!

life is funny….look and laugh!